North Carolina Republicans Legalize Transgender Discrimination

North Carolina Republicans Passed a Bill against Transgender people.

Payton McGarry, a transgender student at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, talks about why he became a plaintiff in the federal lawsuit challenging the North Carolina law.

Mayor Jennifer Roberts, of Charlotte, North Carolina, talks with Rachel Maddow about North Carolina’s new anti-gay law blocking measures to protect the LGBT community from discrimination, and the backlash from citizens and businesses whose sense of decency or inclusiveness policies are offended by the law.

Republicans in North Carolina proved they don’t understand what being Transgender is all about. Stating that they don’t want “Men” using Woman’s bathrooms demonstrates how ignorant, stupid and unscientific they are. A male who has had a sex change operation has a female’s antimony and is no longer a male.

These Republicans should watch story’s and documentaries about Transgender children like the ones above. There’s plenty of these on youtube.