Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey to Stop Russia Investigations

Trump fires FBI Director James Comey who was overseeing Trump-Russia investigation Shocking the political world and beyond.


Trump connects Comey firing to Russia questions in NBC interview

Talking to NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt, Pres. Trump said when he decided to fire Comey he was thinking about ‘this Russia thing.’ MSNBC’s Brian Williams gets reaction from his panel.


Video title: Elizabeth Warren: James Comey Was Fired Because Of The Russians

Senator Elizabeth Warren says nobody believes Trump fired the FBI director because he was ‘mean to Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Sanders AMAZING takedown of Trumps Firing of James Comey


Acting FBI director McCabe contradicts Trumps claim that FBI director Comey was fired due to incompetence and turmoil.

Steve Schmidt: Comey firing an enormous abuse of power by Trump

Joining MSNBC’s Brian Williams, former McCain campaign staffer & GOP Strategist Steve Schmidt reacts to the chaos that’s caused inside the Beltway after Pres. Trump fired James Comey.