William Barr Unfit to be Attorney General

William Barr has a history of getting it wrong. From designing warrantless surveillance programs to justifying the president’s power to disregard acts of Congress, Barr has advanced dubious legal theories that have been rejected by the courts, Congress, and the public. (Source: aclu.org)

• Mueller’s Report: Barr has stated that he will NOT release Mueller report to the public. What the public would see is BARR’S report in which he could hide and suppress any findings which implicate President Trump in wrong doing. The Public wants to see Mueller’s Report, not Barr’s.  This alone is reason enough NOT to confirm Barr.

• Barr’s Memo: The fact that Barr created a 20 page memo critiquing special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election interference raises questions about whether Barr deliberately sought to curry favor with Trump by taking a position favorable to him in order to secure a top government position. Barr’s statements condemning the Mueller investigation plus his refusal to release Mueller’s Report to the public unfiltered raises concerns that he may have a hidden agenda to Protect Trump, no matter what Mueller’s findings reveal.

• William Barr Condoned Short-Circuiting Justice in The Iran-Contra Affair: In 1992, William Barr recommended President George H.W. Bush grant Christmas Eve, “Cover-Up” pardons to six men, including former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger and former national security adviser Robert McFarlane. This proves Barr condones Partisan Exonerations and two (2) Justices Systems; one for the Rich and Powerful from his Party, and another for everyone else.

• Barr Was The Godfather Of The NSA’s Bulk Data Collection Program: While serving in the George H.W. Bush administration, Barr helped develop what became a “blueprint” for the National Security Agency’s mass phone surveillance program (Source: aclu.org).  More details about this at aclu.org/blog/national-security/privacy-and-surveillance/william-barr-helped-build-americas-surveillance

The American people are against this. Not one congressman brought this up during Barr’s confirmation hearings.