Trump Dossier Explained

Trump Dossier Explained

Trump dossier work began as Russian hack of DNC became known

Rachel Maddow looks at the background of the former British spy, Christopher Steele whose memos would become known as the Trump dossier, and the early signs in the 2016 election that Russia was exerting undue influence.


Trump regard for Russia raised red flags for journalists in 2016

Rachel Maddow describes how American journalists began to pick up on clues that Russia had a peculiar relationship with the Trump campaign as Dossier author Christopher Steele began sharing his findings with the FBI.


First public news of dossier lost amid 2016 bombshells

Rachel Maddow looks back at how David Corn of Mother Jones was first to publish a story about the Trump dossier and its author, Christopher Steele, but public attention was drawn to the Access Hollywood tape and the FBI’s announcement about Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server.


Publication of Trump dossier triggered controversy and debate

Rachel Maddow examines the decision by Buzzfeed News to publish the Trump dossier as it became known that the memos were guiding high-level decision-making, and the resulting controversy, backlash, and debate.


Steele dossier hotly debated as Trump Russia ties become scandal

Rachel Maddow looks at fallout and firings in the Donald Trump administration as Trump team ties to Russia turned into scandal and the Trump dossier continued to be a point of fierce controversy.


Many themes of Trump dossier have borne out over time

Rachel Maddow reviews how recent revelations and admissions by Trump team members have shown many of the themes of the Trump dossier to have merit.