Mueller Report Proves Trump Obstructed Justice

10 Potential Cases of Obstruction of Justice in the Mueller Report


Mueller Report Obstruction of Justice Highlights


Fox News Andrew Napolitano explains how based on the Mueller Report, Trump obstructed justice multiple times.


Here’s what Mueller said:

* Russia interfered in our election to help Trump
* Russians made numerous contacts with the campaign
* Campaign welcomed their help
* No one reported these contacts or interference to FBI
* They lied to cover it up


Highlights of Collusion Talk in Robert Mueller’s Testimony


Mueller Report Proves Trump Obstructed Justice


Robert Reich: Is Donald Trump a Traitor?

Robert Reich examines Trump’s treasonous behavior towards Vladimir Putin.


John Brennan: President Donald Trump Is Giving Aid, Comfort To The Enemy


Congressman DESTROYS Trump’s Witch Hunt Lies

U.S. Representative Hakeem Jeffries details the corruption and criminality of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign already discovered by the FBI as a rebuke to Trump’s claims that Robert Mueller is leading a witch hunt.


Mueller knocks down Trump’s ‘No Obstruction’ claim


Republicans for the Rule of Law Commercial Exposes Trump’s Obstruction of Justice and Calls Out Republicans such as Mitch McConnell, Steve McCarthy and Lindsey Graham out for doing nothing about it.


Republicans proved to be LAWLESS TRAITORS by discrediting the Mueller Report, attacking Robert Mueller during the hearing, adopting Fox Fake News Sean Hannity talking points and giving Trump a total pass on his Obstruction of Justice Crimes.


Uncovered: What The Mueller Report Tells Us About Trump And Dangled Pardons

Within the pages of the Mueller Report are illuminating details about Trump and the use of presidential pardons. Nelson Cunningham joins to discuss.


Could A White House Memo Show President Donald Trump Obstruction?

A new report from Murray Waas says President Trump was allegedly told that Michael Flynn was under investigation before Trump asked Jim Comey to let it go. A memo could unravel the Trump defense.


Is Trump guilty of jury tampering in Manafort trial?

Pres. Trump tweeted that the charges against Paul Manafort are “old” and a “hoax.” Fmr. Watergate Assistant Special Prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks tells Lawrence O’Donnell that the president’s tweets are jury tampering.


New evidence of potential obstruction by Trump

The president is reportedly pressuring his attorney general to take over the Russia investigation – and go after Hillary Clinton.


Donald Trump Firing James Comey Could Be An Obstruction Of Justice

MSNBC’s Ari Melber gives a special report on why some say Donald Trump’s firing of James Comey could lead to charges of the obstruction of justice.


mueller witch hunt


The Robert Mueller investigation has yielded many indictments and convictions, but a recent poll shows many Americans believe Donald Trump’s pronouncement that the Russia probe is a baseless ‘witchhunt.’


The REAL Witch Hunt was Benghazi in which Republicans SHAMELESSLY exploited the deaths of 4 Americans for their own political gain.

The Benghazi investigations by Republicans which cost taxpayers millions was motivated by Politics, Hate for President Obama and to “Get” Hillary Clinton.


Republican have proven to be hypocrites by holding hearings and investigations for 2 1/2 years to GET Hillary Clinton while failing to hold any investigations when over 60 people died at embassies and consulates around the world when BUSH was President.