Trump Lies About Border Wall

Trump Caught in Lies About the Border Wall

Trump claims that a wall saved El Paso, Texas, from a violent crime epidemic. City officials paint a very different picture.


How Many Lies Did Trump Tell In His Immigration Speech?

Trumps averaged one false claim every 34 seconds in his speech on immigration


Trump Says The Wall Is Already Being Built

At his rally in Texas, Trump again repeated the claim that the border wall he promised Mexico would pay for is already under construction.


Cooper calls out Trump’s border security claim

CNN’s Anderson Cooper laughs at President Donald Trump’s statement that a new border wall is being built right now, stating the only new wall “sits on the border between much of what the President says and the facts.”


Immediately following his address to the nation on Tuesday evening, Fox News host Shepard Smith fact-checked Trump and called him out on all of the nonsensical lies that he told during the address.


Trump Lied about Mexico paying for his Campaign Slogan Wall

As a candidate Trump & his campaign explicitly said they expected Mexico to pay for a border wall, but as the shutdown wages on President Trump is saying something very different.


Trump told more than 8,000 falsehoods in 2 years, fact checker says

Donald Trump has made more than 8,000 misleading statements or blatant lies within his first two years of his presidential term, according to fact checkers. The Washington Post’s Fact Checker tallied up the total of Mr Trump’s false statements and downright lies from Inauguration Day to January 20, 2019, and the number is astonishing: 8,158.

With over 8,000 false and misleading statements since becoming president, NOTHING he says can be believed.