Trump Providing Cover for Saudi Arabia over Murder of Reporter

Representative Eric Swalwell On President Donald Trump And Saudi Arabia

Trump defends Saudi Arabia and claims he has no financial ties to the country despite previously bragging about tens of millions he’s made from apartment purchases. Rep. Eric Swalwell tells Ali Velshi if Democrats win in November, they will investigate.

Some question if Trump is Providing Cover for Saudi Arabia because of financial interests over the Murder of Washington Post Reporter Khashoggi


Donald Trump, Saudis Seek ‘Mutually Agreeable Explanation’ In Killing

Pres. Trump and the Saudi royal family are searching for an explanation for Jamal Khashoggi’s killing that does not implicate Trump’s close ally, the Crown Prince, according to a report. Evelyn Farkas explains why Trump “doesn’t care” about the killing.


Fmr CIA Dir.: Khashoggi Scandal Will Be The Downfall Of Mohammad Bin

John Brennan discusses the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi’s, the Saudi government’s involvement, the U.S. response and the U.S.-Saudi relationship