Republicans War on Women


Since 2011, Republicans has passed Anti-Choice Laws in Every State they control. These Videos Exposes Republicans War on Women


Alabama bill would make false rape allegations a crime

In the midst of debating a radical anti-abortion law, state Republicans proposed a bill that could punish victims for coming forward.


Four GOP States, Ohio, Mississippi, Georgia and Alabama have passed radical new bills to overturn Roe v Wade.



Abortion bans force women to ‘new back alley’ Rebekah Dryden, senior producer for “All In with Chris Hayes,” talks with Rachel Maddow about a the war on abortion rights targeting medication abortions.


Most-needy are victims of Texas war on women Rachel Maddow reports on the plight of a Texas doctor who has been forced by new anti-abortion laws to stop helping women in need.

As of April 13th 2013, Republicans have launched 694 Attacks on Women’s Reproductive Rights in 3 Months –

Proof of the GOP War on Women –

Insane Sex Laws Inspired by Republicans

What to tell the Governor of Texas and Governor of Ohio what you think about their oppressive Anti-Abortion laws?

Here’s their contact links; Ohio Governor John Kasich:

Texas Governor:


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