Trump’s Broken Promises

Trump broke 80 promises in 100 days

On Saturday, Donald Trump marks the 100th day of his presidency, and finds his approval ratings much lower than any of his modern predecessors. One reason for this could be perceptions about his accountability. To become president, Trump made a lot of promises to a lot of people -  663, in fact.

8 Campaign Promises Broken in 9 Days


Trump has NOT helped keep Jobs in the United States or bring jobs back home says Former Union President

Hardball Video title: Former Union President: Trump’s hurting the working class


At Trump Rallies, Trump said over and over that Mexico was going to pay for the Wall between the US and Mexico.  This was another lie and broken promise. If any wall is to be built, US Tax Payers will be stuck with the bill.


The President of Mexico tells Trump, Mexico isn’t going to pay for no F**ing Wall


Trump said over and over again that marijuana should be a states rights issue. He might want to tell that to his attorney general.


Trump failed to keep his campaign promises about Carried Interest Tax Loopholes


Trump’s Trans Military Ban Walks Back Promises To LGBTQ Community


Two years later, has Trump kept his campaign promises?