Arizona Republican Anti-Gay Bill Attempts to Legalize Discrimination


Imagine going to a restaurant, barber or hair salon, grocery store, auto repair or any other type of business you can think of and being told, “sorry we don’t serve gays, it’s against our religious beliefs”, just because the owner or sales person thinks you look gay.

If Arizona Republicans had gotten their way, that’s how things would have been in the State of Arizona.  Their law would also required you to pay the legal expenses of the business, if you wanted to sue the business for falsely discriminating against you to prove you weren’t gay.

This is how the holocaust in Nazi Germany started.  It started with discrimination against the Jews.

Most Republicans are OK, fine with NSA spying on private citizens.  Republicans are passing laws in every state they control legislating what women can and cannot do with their own bodies.

The type of repression Republicans are engaging in is typical of Fascism.

Click here to read the Fourteen Characteristics of Fascism and you’ll see that Republicans fit the description.

Don’t be fooled, when you vote for Republicans, your voting for less freedom and more government.

Below is the list of Arizona Republicans who voted for the Arizona Anti-Gay Discrimination Bill

We need to send a message to these BIGOTS that Discrimination of ANY kind will NOT BE TOLERATED.

Each person who voted for this bill proved they don’t believe in democracy and should be VOTED OUT OF OFFICE


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Arizona Republicans who voted for the Arizona Anti-Gay Discrimination Bill


Nancy Barto, Phoenix

President Andy Biggs, Gilbert

Judy Burges, Sun City West

Chester Crandell, Heber

Adam Driggs, Phoenix

David Farnsworth, Mesa

Gail Griffin, Hereford

John McComish, Phoenix

Al Melvin, Tucson

Rick Murphy, Peoria

Steve Pierce, Prescott

Michele Reagan, Scottsdale

Don Shooter, Yuma

Kelli Ward, Lake Havasu City

Bob Worsley, Mesa

Steve Yarbrough, Chandler

Kimberly Yee, Phoenix


John Allen, Phoenix

Brenda Barton, Payson

Sonny Borrelli, Lake Havasu City

Paul Boyer, Phoenix

Doug Coleman, Apache Junction

Jeff Dial, Chandler

Karen Fann, Prescott

Eddie Farnsworth, Gilbert

Tom Forese, Chandler

Doris Goodale, Kingman

David Gowan, Sierra Vista

Rick Gray, Sun City

John Kavanagh, Scottsdale

Adam Kwasman, Oro Valley

Debbie Lesko, Peoria

David Livingston, Peoria

Phil Lovas, Peoria

J.D. Mesnard, Chandler

Darin Mitchell, Litchfield Park

Steve Montenegro, Litchfield Park

Justin Olson, Mesa

Warren Petersen, Gilbert

Justin Pierce, Mesa

Frank Pratt, Casa Grande

Bob Robson, Chandler

Carl Seel, Phoenix

T. J. Shope, Coolidge

Steve Smith, Maricopa

David Stevens, Sierra Vista

Bob Thorpe, Flagstaff

Speaker Andy Tobin, Paulden

Kelly Townsend, Mesa

Michelle Ugenti, Scottsdale