Nunes Memo Exposed as a Partisan Hack Job

Jake Tapper exposes Nunes Memo as a Partisan attempt to  provide cover for Trump by discrediting the FBI and Justice Department


For All The Hype, Nunes Memo Delivers Sad Trombone For Donald Trump

Rachel Maddow points out that despite two weeks of Fox News hype, the Nunes memo is not only underwhelming as a political stunt, it actually undermines the argument it was meant to make for Donald Trump.


Shepard Smith Dismantles Bogus Devin Nunes Memo Narrative: “A Classic Weapon Of Mass Distraction”

Fox News’ lone credible and seemingly sane anchor, Shep Smith, destroyed the bogus Devin Nunes memo narrative on his show yesterday, calling it “a classic weapon of mass distraction.”