Republicans Refuse to Increase the Minimum Wage

The 5 Biggest Myths Republicans Use to Avoid Raising the Minimum Wage


This 7-second video shows a Republican candidate, Karen Handel for the Georgia 6th Congressional District saying in a debate, “I do not support a livable wage.”

This is typical of ALL Republicans… they don’t support a minimum wage or livable wage.


House votes to raise minimum wage to $15 but still has to pass in Senate


Dems introduce bill to raise the minimum wage

Polling shows a significant majority of Americans want to see the minimum wage raised, but Republicans refuse to support it.


Republicans Block Minimum Wage Increase

Legislators who primary do nothing and obstruct like Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor John Boehner make $192.48, $213.94 and $247.23 per hour while many people who work 100 times harder makes $7.25 an hour.  It is impossible to pay your rent, utilities and put food on the table with a income of $7.25 an hour.