GOP American Health Care Act Could Cause 24 Million to Lose Insurance

$19,500 for insurance for a 64 yr/old is CLEARLY unaffordable. This should be apparent to those responsible for drafting the AHCA and if they had any sense or cared about the American people, Republicans wouldn’t be trying the cram this abomination down our throats.



Trump promised not to cut Medicaid. His health bill will cut $880 billion from it.

A new CBO support on the GOP plan projects 14 million people would lose Medicaid by 2026.

CBO report: 24 million fewer insured by 2026 under GOP health care bill

The long-anticipated score immediately puts the writers and supporters of the GOP Obamacare repeal bill on the defensive. It is also certain to complicate the party’s already troubled efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

Groups opposing the American Health Care Act

Over 50 organizations oppose the proposed healthcare plan that will make Americans will pay more for less. The list includes nurses, doctors, hospitals, teachers, churches, and more. You can see a few here: AARP: AARP opposes this legislation, as introduced, that would weaken Medicare, leaving the door open to a voucher program that shifts costs and risks to seniors.

The Republican Health Care Plan Includes A Tax Break For Insurance CEOs

WASHINGTON – The Republican plan to replace Obamacare includes a tax break for insurance company executives making over $500,000 per year. Companies can generally deduct employee salaries as a business expense but in 2013 the Affordable Care Act capped the deductions on health insurance executive salaries at $500,000.

Millionaires Will Get $157 Billion In Tax Cuts If Republicans Repeal Obamacare

Repealing the is going to be a windfall for America’s wealthiest families, even as it wipes away programs that have allowed millions of poor and middle-class Americans to get health insurance. A new government report shows just how big that windfall is.

Insurance industry execs are getting a new tax break on salaries above $500,000 as part of the Republican plan to replace Obamacare.