One of the worst attacks on democracy occurred in 2000 when Republicans rigged the 2000 election and installed George W. Bush, a illegitimate president who was not elected to office by the American people.

Republicans also stole the 2004 election, lied the the American people about Weapons of Mass Destruction, engaged in a Unprovoked, Unjustified War against Iraq, caused the Deaths of thousands of US Troops, caused thousands of US Troops to be wounded, caused the deaths of over 110,000 Iraqi Civilians, caused a debt of 10 Trillion dollars due to tax cuts and unpaid for wars, caused ISIS, made an agreement to block President Obama on everything, passed laws against women’s rights, cut assistance to the poor, refused to extend assistance to millions of Americans who lost their jobs and have rigged elections for years to come by gerrymandering districts all over the US.

These are just a few of the rotten things Republicans has done with no regard to the negative consequences suffered by the American people.

Republicans have proven that they could care less about democracy and that the ends justify the means.

The news media has been feckless by not exposing outrages perpetrated by Republicans since 2000.

Since the news media is not doing it’s job, the mission of Republicans Exposed is to Expose Republicans and hold them accountable.

Politics should not about power, money or winning for the sake of winning. Politics should be about improving people’s lives.