Donald Trump False Statements, Flip Flops and More

Here’s a list of false statements as reported by PolitiFact –

Donald Trump recently made a statement to NRA members that  “Hillary Clinton wants to abolish the 2nd amendment”.  That statement is a LIE and was clearly made to score points with NRA members and the Republican base who hates Hillary Clinton.

Making false statements such at this proves that he can’t be trusted and that he has no credibility. He has also flip flopped on many issues.

Hillary Clinton exposes how Donald Trump is unqualified to be president with his own words


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Video: Two SHRINKS talks about TRUMP’s Extreme NARCISSISM

According to an article from, a number of top U.S. psychologists, like Harvard professor and researcher Howard Gardner have stated that Donald Trump is a textbook narcissist. In fact, he fits the profile so well that clinical psychologist George Simon told Vanity Fair, “He’s so classic that I’m archiving video clips of him to use in workshops.” This puts Trump in the same category as a number of infamous dictators like Muammar Gaddafi, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Saddam Hussein. And although there are narcissists out there who entertain us, innovate, or create great art, when a narcissist is given immense power over people’s lives, they can behave much differently.

Trump’s shortage of empathy can be seen clearly by his stances on topics like immigration. Instead of recognizing that the data shows that most Mexican immigrants are not violent, but instead people simply looking for a place where actual opportunity exists, with a broad brush he claims that they are “criminals, drug dealers, rapists, etc.” In a similar vein, Trump has vowed to ban all Muslims from entering the country should he be elected. It appears that his lack of empathy has distorted his mind’s ability to grasp the fact that the refugees he speaks of are actually seeking safety from the same murderous maniacs that he wants to keep out”. Full article at

Trump Denies Pretending To Be His Own Spokesman, John Miller


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Trump campaign admits it did not raise $6 million for veterans

Trump’s $1 million lie – All In with Chris Hayes 5/24/16

Donald Trump’s Vet Donation Lies Exposed

In the above videos, Donald Trump praises Bill and Hillary Clinton. Now he’s saying what horrible people they are.  This demonstrates how he flip flops on issues and how he is no different than career politicians who will say and do what ever it takes to get elected.

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Stephen Colber exposes more of Trump’s Flip Flops


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CBS Investigation: Trump Network Scammed Vulnerable People During The Recession

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Video title: Trump’s scheme to opt out of the recession

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