Why Republicans Deny Global Warming & Climate Change


Republicans deny Deny Global Warming & Climate Change because fossil fuel & industries which cause pollution gives Republican politicians millions in political contributions. This is yet another example of how Republican politicians are bought and paid for by special interests, how they don’t represent or care about their constituents and how they put greed and personal enrichment above doing what’s best for their citizens, their country and their planet.


In this clip from the movie, An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore uses a chart to show the drastic rise in carbon dioxide levels


Scientists even more confident climate change is real

The latest UN report lays to rest the lingering doubts about climate change. So why are the global warming deniers still at it?  What’s in it for them to keep denying what’s obvious to the scientists? Republican strategist Chip Saltsman and Penn State Professor of Meteorology Michael Mann discuss with Hardball’s Chris Matthews.


God, Bible Prove Climate Change A Hoax (Say GOP Reps)”>God, Bible Prove Climate Change A Hoax (Say GOP Reps)


Republican Representative Paul Broun is a classic example of how Republicans Deny Scientific facts and in doing so are unfit to hold any public office.


Republicans vs. Science
The partisan divide is heating up over climate change again. Lawrence O’Donnell discusses with Bill Nye, the Science Guy.