Trump’s False Claim About RNC Convention Ratings

Trump’s claim that the 2016 RNC Convention ratings were “Through the Roof” were more lies… John McCains ratings were higher in 2008.

As reported in this and many other articles… McCain Tops Trump in GOP Convention Ratings  “Trump wasn’t nearly as successful in drawing viewers to his party’s convention as he was at attracting voters to the polls during the presidential primaries.

Only hours after the candidate delivered his GOP acceptance speech on the fourth and final night of the Cleveland convention, Nielsen reported Trump drew an estimated 32.2 million viewers across 10 networks to their television sets.

That final tally could be called an underwhelming performance from a candidate who prides himself on his ability to draw attention. On Friday morning, for instance, Trump took to Twitter to champion his “Big T.V. ratings!”

More lies from Donald Trump to his gullible followers.  Details at