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Republicans are Socialist Hypocrites

Taxpayers, stadiums, and sports socialism

Taxpayer funded construction of sports stadiums is rarely an investment that generates enough revenue to justify the expense.

John Elroy executive vice president of football operations for the Denver Broncos of the National Football League (NFL), say’s he’s a Republican because he’s against “safety nets”.

Sports and Farm Bill Socialism “safety nets” is OK fine with Republicans but most of these Repub scrooges don’t believe in helping the poor.


Farm Bill Socialism


Donald Trump Is Giving Socialism To His Supporters


Welfare Hypocrisy: Red States Are The Real Freeloaders

For years the Republican Party has been telling us that the welfare system in America is helping to make people lazy and making them too dependent on the federal government. If this is true, then a new report has some horrible news to deliver to Republicans.


Republicans like to proclaim… “The United States will NEVER be a Socialist Country”.

Well, it already is and they’re too stupid to realize it. Here’s examples of Socialism we all take for granted…

Guaranteed public education

Public transportation

Fire departments

Police departments

Public libraries

Every branch of the US military

Roads & highways

Social Security


Public, not private prisons & jails

Public hospitals

The Veterans Affairs Administration

Public universities

Public parks

Public toilets

Public drinking fountains

Public parking

Public everything


America Is Already Socialist, And That’s a Good Thing

Trump’s false proclamation that America “will never be a socialist country” was an attempt to resurrect the McCarthyite red-baiting of his childhood in order to put his thumb on the capitalist side of the scale favored by the oligarchs..