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Republican Voter Obstruction


Republicans have passed Anti-Democratic voter obstruction laws reducing the days people can vote and laws requiring photo ID’s in states they control like Texas, Ohio, Virginia, Florida and Pennsylvania.

In Ohio they are trying to pass legislation to decrease the number of Voting Machines to make it difficult on people living in larger urban areas which has minorities who typically vote for Democrats.

Republicans cover story on this issue is to decrease “voter fraud”. The fact is, voter fraud has been documented to be practically non- existent. Forbes Magazine calls Voter Fraud “A Massive Anti-Democratic Deception


Republicans Don’t Want you to Vote… here’s proof!

Paul Weyrich, “father” of the right-wing movement and co-founder of the Heritage Foundation, Moral Majority and various other groups states in this video that he doesn’t want everyone to vote. He still gives weekly strategy sessions to Republicans.


Florida Republicans Create A Poll Tax To Keep People From Voting

Florida Republicans are some of the worst Republicans in this country. After a vast majority of Florida voters passed an amendment this past November giving former felons their right to vote back, the Republicans who control this state went into hyperdrive to prevent these men and women from getting their rights back. They’ve now instituted what amounts to a modern-day poll tax to prevent 1.4 million new voters from going to the polls. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.


Senator Bernie Sanders speech on voter fraud

In latest speech of Senator Berine Sander. he say that I say to those cowardly Republican governors and state legislatures who are using non-existent “voter fraud” to suppress the vote: If you can’t run a campaign on your ideas then get the hell out of politics and find another job.


Former FL GOP chair says ‘right-wing crazies’ want to suppress black vote

Former Florida Republican Party Chair Jim Greer testified in a lawsuit filed against his former party that “whack-a-do, right-wing crazies” wanted to suppress the black vote through Voter ID and tactics like current state Gov. Rick Scott’s efforts to purge voter rolls.

Jim Greer, stated “I sat in on many meetings where it was discussed how to make sure what happened in 2008, when Obama brought out the college-aged voters, the minority voters, never happened again”.


Florida Republicans decreased the days people could vote on purpose to make it difficult on people living in larger urban areas which has minorities who typically vote for Democrats.  This caused a black lady who was 102 years old to have to wait in line for over 6 hours.


91-Year-Old Decorated WWII Veteran Targeted By Florida Governor Rick Scott’s Voter Purge


Florida Republicans took voter suppression to brazen extremes. After the 2010 election, Republican Gov. Rick Scott instructed Secretary of State Ken Browning to compile a massive database of alleged “non-citizen” voters.  This resulted in a 91-year-old World War II veteran who won a Bronze star being told by the state of Florida to prove he is a citizen or be removed from voter roll.


How Texas voter ID laws undermine women

Judge who has been voting for 49 years couldn’t vote in her own courthouse where everyone knew her because of Republican’s repressive ID Laws in Texas.


EXPOSED: Republican Voter Suppression Plot in Wisconsin

Audio from the secret Tea Party meeting where the voter caging plot was discussed. Speaking in these clips is Tim Dake, the head of Wisconsin GrandSons of Liberty and widely recognized leader of the Tea Party coalition in Wisconsin.

Voter caging is a tactic that attempts to invalidate voter registrations by sending non-forwardable mass mailings to certain groups of people like minorities and students. When the mail is returned, a “caging list” is created to officially challenge the registrations. Republicans have used the practice in small operations going back to 1958, but in 2004, more than half a million voters were targeted.


Even Fox news acknowledges that Republicans has actively been involved in voter suppression. They state “In recent months, Latinos have been subjected to many forms of harassment: voter purges, voter ID laws, the threat of closing polls, targeting of nonprofit groups that conduct voter-registration drives, and automated calls designed to confuse people. At the same time, they are also facing a political witch-hunt in which proof of citizenship laws aimed at undocumented immigrants are used as the excuse to instill fear and confusion among Latino voters” in this article; http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/politics/2012/08/31/opinion-republicans-should-address-voter-suppression-concerns/


Voter Intimidation Billboards


Civil rights groups charged these intimidating billboards were meant to frighten lawful and confused voters away from the polls. Color of Change launched a petition demanding Clear Channel remove the ads, as the company has done previously with campaigns it deemed too controversial.

According to Reuters, Clear Channel belatedly invoked its policy against anonymous political advertising. When offered the choice between identifying itself and removing the ads, the “private family foundation” behind them chose to take them down, Clear Channel said.

The billboards appear in Cleveland, Columbus and Milwaukee. They popped up just as early voting began in Ohio. Reports of similar scare tactics, such as robo-calls and threatening flyers, designed to deter voters in black and Latino neighborhoods recur each election year as polls begin to open. As Brentin Mock has reported for Colorlines, early voting has been a crucial part of increasing black turnout and tea party groups in states like Ohio and Florida have worked to limit it, under the guise of combating voter fraud. There remains no meaningful evidence of voter fraud in early voting, or on Election Day for that matter.


Funder Of Billboards Exposed

The anonymous funder of more than 140 threatening billboards in black and Latino neighborhoods across Ohio and Wisconsin has chosen to take down the ads rather than identify itself, according to Reuters. The billboards played on the myth of “voter fraud,” invoking law and order images like a judge’s gavel over the words “Voter Fraud Is a Felony!” and listing jail time as punishment.

According to this article, Private Family Foundation is responsible for these billboards; http://www.onewisconsinnow.org/press/revealed-joint-investigation-by-one-wisconsin-now-thegrio-uncovers-anonymous-funder-of-voter-suppres.html

More info;



How can anyone vote for and support a Political party which engages in such hateful, anti-democracy activities.   This is what you would expect out of CRIMINALS and THUGS in 3rd world dictatorships


Scott Walker betting against his state’s voters
Hours after quietly signing a law that will restrict early voting in his state and make it harder for many to get to the polls, Gov. Scott Walker is off to Las Vegas to court big donors.


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