Sean Hannity Hypocrite


New Twitter HASHTAG #seanhannityhypocrisy with videos exposes Sean Hannity’s Hypocrisy over President Obama –

Jon Stewart exposes Hannity & Republicans for hypocrisy / double standards over President Obama & Donald Trump


Jon Stewart Exposes Sean Hannity’s Hypocrisy on Cliven Bundy


Sean Hannity busted for making false accusation against President Obama


Sean Hannity busted on False Obamacare claims


Sean Hannity NSA surveillance hypocrisy

Sean Hannity was all for NSA surveillance when George W. Bush was president, but now he blames President Obama for NSA surveillance snooping and claims it’s a violation of the 4th Amendment.

Hannity constantly sides with Republicans despite the ROTTEN things Republicans has done like stealing the 2000 election, Republicans legislative obstructionism, passing voter suppression laws and passing laws decreasing the days people can vote.

Hannity supported Romney one of the biggest LIARS ever to run for President and said nothing about all of the documented lies by Romney and Paul Ryan –

It does not appear that Hannity has any problem with Republicans gerrymandering / rigging districts to make it difficult for Republicans to be voted out of congress. Hannity seems to have no problem with laws passed against women’s rights.

A true journalist is supposed to be impartial… Hannity is clearly an Obama hater who uses his position to instigate and spread hate against President Obama.

President Obama has been a protector and defender of the poor and middle class, yet Hannity disses and attacks President Obama at every opportunity and refuses to give Obama credit for any of the good he has done.