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A politician since age 26, Marco Rubio never had a real jobWashington Post article

Marco Rubio has the Worst Voting Record of anyone in the United States Senate. He has not been doing the job he’s paid by taxpayers to do so.  He should be fired from his Senate job.

The sun-sentinel had this to say about Rubio

Marco Rubio Should Resign, Not Rip Us Off

Here’s some of Marco Rubio’s Positions on Issues & his Voting Record…

  • Missed 74 of 156 votes in Congress
  • Supports cuts to college financial aid
  • Supports cuts to food stamps
  • Opposes raising the minimum wage
  • Voted to block unemployment benefits
  • Is for increasing military spending
  • Opposed ending the failed embargo that destroyed the Cuban Economy and led to widespread poverty
  • Supports repealing the Affordable Care Act
  • Is against same-sex marriage
  • Opposes relaxing marijuana laws
  • Supports the Benghazi (witch hunt) Committee yet don’t want to close Gitmo
  • Supports using the Federal Government to crack down on states like Colorado and Washington that have legalized pot
  • Voted against a bill that would have expanded background checks for gun buyers, and he opposed a measure that would restrict the size of ammunition magazines for assault rifles
  • Sponsored a bill that would undo the District of Columbia’s gun regulations
  • Rubio has aligned himself with his party’s hawks, calling for a more muscular American approach to foreign entanglements
  • Supports the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a massive free trade agreement
  • Supports shutting down the Government unless the Affordable Care Act is completely De-funded – Click here to read article
  • One of the 47 Traitors who signed the letter to Iran
  • Denies the science of Climate Change & Global Warming

Rubio Voted Against the Disclose Act in lockstep with other Republicans.

The Disclose Act would have disclosed who’s paying for donations of over $10,000 and exposed Millionaires and Billionaires who’s trying to BUY and influence our Government.

When Millionaires and Billionaires run attack ads and make HUGE donations, you can be sure they want a return on their investment which is often in conflict with regular Americans.

Republicans have shown they can be sold to the highest bidder and don’t give a dam about the Middle class and the Poor. They only care about the 1% RICH

Republicans want Government “of the RICH, for the RICH and by the RICH” and must be stopped or there will be no more Democracy in the United States.

The only way we can have Government “of the people, for the people and by the people” is if we pass Election Reform bills like the Disclose Act.



Rubio Supports Cuts to College Financial Aid even though he used government college financial aid himself

This article does a good job at exposing Rubio – Marco Rubio’s Personal Finances Don’t Match His Rhetoric

Rubio calls cuts in military spending “Devastating”.  The United States currently spends more than Russia, China, the UK and 11 more countries COMBINED.


We have spent Trillions of Dollars on wars and the military… it’s one of the reasons why we have such a large debt. We need to cut military spending but Rubio doesn’t agree. He thinks we need to cut Medicaid and Medicare and continue spending more on military spending than all of the rest of the countries in the world COMBINED

President Obama  stands up for the middle class and poor, but Rubio disses him at every opportunity.



Rubio trying to stifle Obama’s financial success

Sen. Marco Rubio tries to attack the success of Pres. Obama’s stimulus package on the 5 year anniversary.

False statements involving Marco Rubio


Articles about Marco Rubio:

Bombshell Report: Marco Rubio’s Gay Arrest Scandal Could END HIS CAMPAIGN

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