Republicans Rigging Elections

Trump and Republicans has recently made the claim that Democrats rig elections by voting numerous times, yet there is no evidence to support those claims.

These videos shows that Republicans are ones the who rigs elections and does everything possible to keep people from voting who are not likely to vote for Republicans.



Computer Programmer testifies that Tom Feeney, the Republican Speaker of the House of Florida at the time, tried to pay him to create an election patch which would rig an election

Note how this machine is rigged for Romney in 2012.


EXPOSED: Republican Voter Suppression Plot in Wisconsin

Audio from the secret Tea Party meeting where the voter caging plot was discussed. Speaking in these clips is Tim Dake, the head of Wisconsin GrandSons of Liberty and widely recognized leader of the Tea Party coalition in Wisconsin.

Voter caging is a tactic that attempts to invalidate voter registrations by sending non-forwardable mass mailings to certain groups of people like minorities and students. When the mail is returned, a “caging list” is created to officially challenge the registrations. Republicans have used the practice in small operations going back to 1958, but in 2004, more than half a million voters were targeted.


Republicans Plot To Rig An Election


Republican Caught On Tape Explaining How She’ll Redistrict Black Democratic Colleague Out Of Office

Unable to win elections fair-and-square, Republicans have increasingly relied on “redistricting” areas that they would have no chance of winning into more favorable seats. And while the practice should be considered an affront to the very idea of an open democracy, it has apparently become so commonplace for lawmakers that one was just caught on tape explaining how she planned to use the technique to defeat her African-American Democratic colleague.

Rep. Janet Adkins was at a private gathering during a meeting of the Republican Party of Florida. Rather than focus on things like plugging the numerous holes in the Republican sinking ship, Adkins was hatching a plan to steal the election instead. According to tapes secretly recorded and leaked to POLITICO, Adkins wanted to kick long-time liberal congresswoman Corrine Brown out of office by carefully redrawing her district to include as many prisons as possible. Prisoners, you may recall, cannot vote. But first, she made everyone swear that there were no reporters in the room that would rat on her.

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