Republicans Blocking Tesla Car Sales

Video exposes Republican backed laws in Texas and North Carolina aimed at preventing sales of Tesla Electric automobiles.

Employees of Tesla’s electric car in Houston and Austin galleries cannot…

  • Discuss purchasing, financing or leasing one of Tesla’s vehicles with potential buyers
  • Tell customers the price of a Tesla vehicle or how they might reserve one
  • Offer test drives
  • Refer customers to an out-of-state store that does any of those things

A bill banning Tesla from selling its electric cars direct-to-consumer has passed the North Carolina state Senate.  The bill would technically require all auto makers to sell their cars through a dealer but only Tesla, which relies on selling cars direct to consumers, would be affected.

The bill would require Tesla to go through the state’s system of 7,000 franchised dealers and is being heavily pushed by the North Carolina Automobile Dealers Association.