Republicans & Paul Ryan: Poor Hating Scrooge



There have been headlines about Paul Ryan claiming he Wants to Help the Poor.

Paul Ryan’s anti-poverty agenda is a SHAM. His idea of helping the poor is to completely eliminate food stamps, social security, medicare and medicaid.

Paul Ryan is also one of the Republicans who conspired “Just say no” to everything President Obama proposed on the very day he was inaugurated. Ryan violated his Oath of Office by doing so and should be prosecuted / removed from office.


ALL Republicans are in principle against government programs and Paul Ryan is no different. They vilify government programs by calling them “socialism” and “communism”.


bush-debtUnder president Bush, Republicans ran up a huge debt of 10 Trillion Dollars. Now, they want to balance the budget on the backs of the poor and middle class, by cutting food stamps, social security, medicare and medicaid while refusing to cut military spending. The cold war is over… we don’t need to spend trillions on the military any more. That money should be spent on the American people, the poor, the homeless, not bombs and wars.

Republicans refuse to increase taxes on the rich and make corporations pay their fair share. They are blocking all efforts to make the rich and make corporations pay their fair share. Outsourcing jobs overseas is OK, fine with Repubs. Repubs refuse to increase the minimum wage.