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According to an article posted at American BridgeJeb Bush Hypocrisy on Email Disclosure

“Bush used a personal email address as governor, and there are messages missing. As the Washington Post reporters, “Bush used his personal email address,, to conduct official, political, and personal business…” but Bush’s email disclosure website (which was already public and available at the Florida state archives) lacks many key messages, including any messages between Jeb Bush and his brother, then-President George W. Bush.

Media accounts establish that Bush, not the State of Florida, decided which private emails to disclose – apparently nothing would have stopped the Bush team from selectively leaving out politically problematic emails. As the Tampa Bay Times reported, “The Bush files, though enormous, are not complete” because they lacked “emails the governor deemed not relevant to the public record.” In other words, Bush selected what was “relevant” or not for the public record, not civil servants.

The numbers do not add up. In 2007 Bush claimed he received 2.5 million emails on his public accounts, and 550,000 emails on his private accounts (Source, Naples Daily News, 7/12/07). Bush’s “disclosure” only contains a total of 250,000 emails. (Source, New York Times, 2/9/15)

There are media reports that Bush only recently “completed” handing over emails, despite leaving office eight years ago, potentially violating the law. A Bloomberg politics reporter Michael Bender tweeted today that “FL law requires govs to turn over emails after leaving office. Jeb didn’t finish turning over emails until last year.” He further tweeted that “Bush may not have complied with FL law until considering a presidential campaign. 119.021(4)(a).” That statute requires that “Whoever has custody of any public records shall deliver [them], at the expiration of his or her term of office…” American Bridge researchers submitted a records request today in an effort to confirm or disconfirm the allegation.

Media reports indicate Bush also housed his private emails on a personally owned email server”.

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According to an article posted at the New York Times

“Mr. Bush’s love of email has long been well known among political professionals. His awareness of what should and should not be included in the emails is on display during the 2000 presidential election and the contentious Florida recount that followed. Mr. Bush fielded hundreds of emails about the election, but there appear to be no messages to his brother George W. Bush or his father from those public accounts”. END QUOTE from the New York Times. Full article at


According to an article posted at

Jeb Bush’s Emails: Why Are So Many Key Episodes MIA , when the New York Times revealed that Hillary Clinton used a private email address as secretary of state, GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush pounced. “Transparency matters,” he tweeted, linking to the archive of his own emails that he had made public a month earlier.

“Bush is hardly in a position to take potshots at Clinton over her emails. Like Clinton, he conducted government business using a personal email account (two of them, actually). He released only a portion of his correspondence from his time as governor of Florida. And it took Bush more than seven years to hand over his self-selected emails, as required under a Florida public records law.

Bush’s email archive, which includes more than 250,000 messages, has produced no piercing insights or major news stories about his gubernatorial stint. There are an immense number of emails from constituents weighing in on the issues of the day. But when it comes to the major issues of his governorship, there are—curiously—very few, if any, emails between Bush and his aides. This email archive is not easy to search. It is comprised of 248 separate files and is hardly user-friendly.

But employing the most obvious search terms for key episodes that occurred during his governorship, as well as combing messages covering certain time periods, Mother Jones mounted an extensive review of this gigantic collection of correspondence and looked for emails about the most important moments of Bush’s eight years leading the Sunshine State. This search yielded little correspondence revealing Bush’s actions and decisions regarding pivotal events. It turns out that what’s most notable about Bush’s email trove is what’s not in it“. END QUOTE from Mother Jones. Click here to view the full article.


It is a undeniable fact that thousands of black voters were wrongly purged from the voter rolls and that caused George W. Bush to be declared the winner by a unbelievably narrow margin of only 537 votes.

If all of the illegally disqualified voters had been allowed to vote and all votes counted, the total votes would have DECISIVELY shown Al Gore to be the winner of the State of Florida and therefore the Presidency.

One cannot help but wonder if there are emails which were deleted to cover up Jeb Bush’s personal involvement in rigging the 2000 election.

It is amazing that no one in mainstream media nor any Democrats are mentioning or discussing this.

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