GOP’s Plan To Steal The Ohio And National Elections

Author: Ohio Native
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As in 2004 and other elections, the national GOP depends on the corruption of the Ohio Republican Party.


Voting machine companies are still involved in fruad.

a. While Green, Ohio based Diebold has sold its voting machine companies, many of its easily hackable machines are in place in key spots in Ohio’s 88 counties. These Diebold machines were instrumental in for instance cancelling Ohio’s vote in November of 2015 to legalize marijuana.

b. In 2012, Tagg Romney purchased a voting machine company in Cincinnati. What other country allows members of 1 political party to own the machines of voting?


a. As Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris in 2000 facilitated the theft of the national election from the people of the US and Al Gore through massive illegal removal of people from the voting rolls, so Jon Husted has removed millions illegally from Ohio’s voter rolls.

b. Husted has made voting more difficult for the poor in several ways.


a. National Public Radio is corrupt and owns 200 million dollars in fast food stock. Ohio Public Radio has censored news of state wide Democratic candidates. In particular, WKSU, based in Kent Ohio, has gobbled up 4 other NPR affiliates and now broadcasts in 22 counties, more than any other FM station in the state.

b. Mitt Romney still controls Clear Channel which became IHart Radio.

c. The Akron Beacon Journal is owned by a Canadian plutocrat. The Plain Dealer of Cleveland, Columbus Dispatch, Cincinnati Enquirer all have a history of endorsing and heavily promoting Republicans.

d. For the New Hampshire Republican primary,the New York Times and its owned Boston Globe have endorsed John Kasich who got 2% of the Iowa caucus vote, despite the fact that Kasich lost hundreds of millions of dollars for Ohio pension funds when at Lehman Brothers, that he was the only executing Northern governor, that he has aggressively promoted all the current wars, that there have been 800 fracking earthquakes in Youngstown Ohio alone, that Davis Besse nuclear power plant has been shut down for conditions such as boric acid leak and obsolte equipment, etc.

e. Rupert Murdoch’s and Roger Ailes’ Fox News kept Rand Paul out of a Republican primary debate despite the fact that he was ahead of Ohio governor John Kasich by 3 points as well as ahead in the polls of Bush, Christie, and several other candidates.



Robert F Kennedy Jr, a US House committee chaired by Representative John Conyers, the Free Press website based in Columbus, Bev Harris of Black Box Voting and many others have documented the criminal treason of the Ohio Republican Party.

Illegal cutting of voting rolls

Easily hackable voting machiens

The Diebold political machine

Tagg Romney and voting machines


58 Republican Tricks For Stealing Elections


Ways Republicans Have Stolen Presidential, Gubernatorial, Senate, House, State Legislature, Mayor and Judicial Races

This writer intends to vote for Rand Paul, the only antiwar candidate in the Republican Party and the only candidate among Democrats and Republicans who is making ending the illegal wars of the US a campaign priority. Unlike Rand Paul, many in the Republican Party steal elections. Why is there much more vote fraud among Republicans? Answer: They are a minority of voters. In addition the 1% need to give the illusion to the 99% that there is democracy in the US.

Because of these election crimes, the Iraq and Afghan wars were begun. Money has been stolen from the poor and given to the rich by their politician pawns. Our environment would have been better protected by Gore whom the people elected.

Although the word gerrymander was coined in 1812 after Gerry Mander, a Bostonian, the blue state of Massachusetts has less vote fraud than red or purple states.

Gerrymandering, phone line jamming, throwing away nonRepublican voter registrations, murder, throwing away ballots, barring nonRepublicans from vote counting, exclusion of third parties from ballots, exclusion of third parties from debates, police intimidation, phony election instructions, racism, removal from voting rolls, absentee ballot fraud, draconian voter ID rules, voting precincts which fail to open, electronic voting machine fraud, Supreme Court fraud, hacked computer sites, erased flash drives, corrupt polling, ownership of voting machine companies, libelous lies, switching precinct addresses, failure to notify voters of address changes, fraudulent search engine algorithms etc.

How have Republicans cheated in elections
1. barring third parties from the ballot
2. barring third parties from debates
3. voting machine fraud
4. stealing ballot boxes
5. unpostmarked absentee ballots (How interesting that the 2 counties (Cuyahoga and Summit) which had the highest percent of unpostmarked ballots delivered are predominantly Democrat). A number of absentee ballots are fraudulently filled out and delivered to the election counters in boxes.
6. absentee ballot forgeries
7. illegal removal of people from voting rolls (as Jeb Bush did in 2000 for his brother.. .hundreds of thousands of Democrats were removed)
8. jamming the handicapped voter transportation lines (as NH Republicans did and went to jail)
9. switching yes to no (as Diebold machines and Secretary of State Husted’s operation did in Ohio on a pot legalization vote)
10. conducting a phony unbiased voter registration drive and throwing away all nonRepublican registrations (as Nathan Sproul, hired by McCain, by Romney, by Karl Rove, and by state Republican parties in Virginia, Minnesota, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, MInnesota and other states did)
11. Voting the dead (as Nathan Sproul did in Florida and elsewhere for his Republican paymasters)
12. hacking the totals (Bev Harris of Black Box Voting showed Al Gore how Diebold machines could be hacked in 3 minutes’ time
13. Sending police to intimidate voters or to block off their precincts (as Jeb Bush did in Florida in 2000) (and Republicans did in the 1968 California presidential primary in Watts precincts)
14. Conspiring with the media to instruct the public incorrectly in order to invalidate ballots as the Jacksonville Florida Times Union did in 2000 putting out a special edition in the black precincts instructing voters to mark each page of the ballot (20,000 ballots invalidated)
15. delaying the opening of polls as the Ohio Republican Party did in 2004 in Akron Ohio and at Kenyon College, for instance
16. The Republican dominated Supreme Court (5 males who quash the will of the vast majority of Americans) have decided that money is speech which allows billionaires to flood the corporate owned media with ads.
17. Murder: Missouri’s Democratic governor Mel Carnahan died during his 2002 campaign in a plane crash. Missouri’s Democratic senate candidate Jerry Little died in a plane crash during the campaign in 1976. Iowa’s Libertarian candidate, physician Doug Butzler, whose presence on the ticket would have given the Democrats a victory, died in a plane crash in 2014. Senator Paul Wellstone, Minnesota Democrat, died in a plane crash during his campaign. John F kennedy Jr died in a plane crash. His pilot had been told the day before not to show up. Senator Edward M Kennedy was subjected to attempted murder in a plane crash (after the murder of his 2 brothers). He broke his back but survived though 2 men in his campaign staff died. Another who survived a murder attempt was George Wallace, candidate of the American Independent Party in 1968, whose shooting prevented his third party run and helped Republican Nixon beat Democrat Hubert Humphrey. In 1968 the Nixon-Kissinger-Rockefeller-Hoover conspiracy was involved in the murder of Robert F Kennedy Jr, Martin Luther King (who would have promoted Kennedy’s election) and the attempted murder of George Wallace. John Perkins who was once an economic hitman for the government courageously documented the number of leaders of other countries killed in the CIA’s arranged plane crashes.*
18. barring Democrats and independents from the counting of ballots as happened in Warren Ohio in 2004.
19a. Spreading lies about candidates as John Kasich did about his opponent Ed Fitzgerald in Ohio and Senator Thune did about Senator Tom Daschle in South Dakota..
19b Republicans with the help of the Miami Herald destroyed Senator Eagleton’s candidacy for the vice presidency, revealing he had been hospitalized for depression.
19c. Because Bill Clinton did not want to invade Iraq, Republicans sent in operative Monica Lewinsky with the help of Linda Tripp of Delta Force and Lucianne Goldberg as coaches for their connived seduction and impeachment plans.
20. After billionaire Sam Fox funded sites attacking John Kerry, he was awarded by Bush with an ambassadorship to Belgium. Google designed fraudulent algorithms which caused 14 negative Kerry sites to pop up for every 1 positive one.
21. draconian voter ID requirements which penalize the poor
22. owning the media as Mitt Romney did by purchasing Clear Channel through Bain Capital of which he was the sole owner
23. owning or controlling the voting machine companies, as Mitt Romney’s son did purchasing a voting machine company in Ohio, as the Republican Party did through Wally O’Dell, CEO of Diebold
24. Racism: blacks, Latinos barred from the ballot by literacy tests, poll taxes, and in the modern era other ways
25. gerrymandering… the arrangement of a district to maximize Republican power as the Ohio Republican Party has done
26. the US Senate, an anachronism which gives 64 times as much power to a citizen of Wyoming with 584,000 as a citizen of California with 37,253,000 people.
27. A Supreme Court which has quashed the will of the majority (as in Gore V Bush in 2000)
28. treason (G H W Bush and others in March of 2012 as private citizens negotiated with the Iranian government to continue to hold US hostages until the election…)
29. Denying many prisoners the right to vote
30. truncating the hours in which voter registration is possible
31. truncating the hours in which citizens may vote
32. allowing the recipients of stolen elections to remain in office, as has happened in the 2015 election for Kentucky governor, both elections of G W Bush, etc.
33. Military control of nonofficer soldier ballots
34. The electoral college which has meant that candidates receiving fewer popular votes have still won.
35. spamming opposition party websites with pornography or commercial spam
36. having those trained in provocateur behavior disrupt internet forums, public meetings
37. campaign infiltrators who take charge of fundraising, financial records, media ads etc.
38. Hacking opposition sites … eliminating them from the Internet as happened with etc
39. Democratic voters showed up in Jeb Bush’s election of 2000 and were told they needed 2 forms of photo ID
40. Without suppression sf the Native American vote no Republican can win statewide in South Dakota. Thune, Republican candidate, became senator by paying people to run lying websites about Daschle, by suppressing the Native American vote in a variety of ways, including police intimidating Native Americans and writing down their license plate numbers.
41. Whole counties of votes in New Hampshire were thrown away by Republicans in NH desperate to defeat Ron Paul
“Party leaders at the county and state level have changed or violated party rules, cancelled caucuses, changed vote counts, thrown out entire counties of votes, counted public votes privately, called-in the SWAT team, and inexplicably replaced Paul delegates with Romney delegates to block Ron Paul from winning the nomination.” Quote from Jaret Glenn wordpress site See *22
42 Romney operatives erased whole flash drives and destroyed computers of operatives of other parties
43. Many polls such as Rasmussen, Gallup, CNN are propaganda machines owned by Republicans…. with fraudulent numbers reported, fraudulent samples, biased questions
44. war profiteer and other corrupt ownership of media… giving much more air time to Republican candidate
45. In Alabama, Richard Shelby ran as a Democrat in order to be elected and then switched to the Republican Party. In Colorado, Democrat Ben Nighthorse Campbell switched to the Republican Party after elected.
46. Switching voting precinct addresses in every election
47. Failure to inform voters precinct addresses have been switched
48. eliminating precincts so that the poor must take 2 buses
49. Alabama to stop issuing driver’s licenses in counties with 75% black registered voters (while driver’s license is required to vote)
50. Republicans sought in six states, Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Virginia. to apportion the electoral vote according to congressional districts won instead of to the presidential candidate who won the state overall.
51. An attempted coup against Franklin Roosevelt in 1933 by the DuPonts and Morgans
52.cutting back on the number of voting machines in Democratic precincts
53. Elections generate billions in ad money for corporate media. More money comes from Republicans… who essentially buy elections. In more democratic countries, all candidates receive equal broadcast time. It was Republican Ronald Reagan who ended the fairness provision of the FCC which required equal time.
54. Citing fraudulent polls, network talk shows such as Face The Nation give much less time to peace candidates such as Rand Paul.

55. In Republican counties in Ohio, the number of Republican registrations exceeded the population, resulting in a lawsuit.

56. Are we the only alleged democracy which allows members of the party of the rich to own the voting machines which count the votes? Mitt Romney’s son bought voting machine companies servicing Cincinnati while a Canadian plutocracy company controlled the voting machines in Wisconsin.

57a. An Israeli defense firm, Elron Electronics, did the ‘official’ count of the 2008 Iowa caucus precincts. (rense dot com)

57b In 2016 Microsoft suspected of Iowa vote fraud betanews dot com

57c In 2012 Romney family investment in Ohio voting machines forbes dot com

58 Floating false news stories

CNN reported on the eve of the Iowa caucuses in 2016 that Ben Carson had left the state, falsely implying that Carson was dropping out of the presidential race.

Supreme Court: Because of the thefts of elections by Republicans on the Supreme Court, the Afghanistan and Iraq wars resulted, with milions of deaths and casualties, and the impoverishing of the US

Many prisoners were murdered by states etc.

Some Of Worst Decisions Of The Fraudulently Created Republican Dominated Supreme Court

The Supreme Court under the fraudulently appointed 5 Republicans on the Court

1. has wiped out a California law designed to reduce animal suffering, saying it cannot exceed federal standards.

2. has ruled that money is speech, allowing the billionaires for whom the justices are pawns to saturate the airwaves with Republican ads Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, 2010

3. has upheld the unconstitutional death penalty which deprives one of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness

4. has expanded eminent domain to allow businesses to seize seashore and other property as in the case of Pfizer in Connecticut

5. has rubberstamped the illegal wars of Bush and Obama

6. struck down parts of the Voting Rights Act which protect blacks, Latinos etc from over a century of repression in Shelby County v. Holder, 2013

7. denied the right of 150,000 women employees at WalMart to contest the WalMart glass ceiling Wal-Mart v. Dukes, 2011

8. In Amnesty v. Clapper, 2013 the Court upheld the illegal wiretapping of Americans and the world by the warmongering NSA. Recent whistleblowing has revealed that all NSA raw data goes to Israel, giving that country an unprecedented ability to do insider trading, to bribe, to accelerate warmongering.

9. Bush v. Gore, 2000 In criminal failure to recuse himself, Antonin Scalia was a conspirator with several males in the Bush family, Katherine Harris, the Times Union of Jacksonville, Florida and others to steal the presidential vote from Al Gore and give it to Bush.

10. Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, 2014 denied inexpensive birth control to women

Someone on a network news show said in Demeber 205 that Republicans are 28%
of the population. Many dispute that figure. In 2012 Romney received
less than 20% of the votes of those eligible.

in 2012, the estimated population was 314 million. If one deducts 2% for noncitizens, then 307 million were eligible to vote. If one deducts 23% for population under 18, then 236.9 million were the Americans eligible to vote. The total vote for president n 2012 was 127 million votes, with Obama receiving 51.19%, Romney receiving 47.32%, Libertarians receiving .99% and Greens .36% with other parties receiving less. Romney’s 47.32%
is 19.9% of the total number eligible to vote. of The numbers for third parties would be higher but many states block third party voters in a variety of ways, and corporate owned media block third parties from the debate, etc.
In addition the Republicans on the Supreme Court have defined money as speech so that billionaires can flood the airwaves with ads for their politician pawns.

8.6% of the US population has a felony conviction but different states have different rules about voting by felons (a number which includes Jesus, Gandhi, and others).

One can dispute the numbers used but the unchanging reality is that Republicans are
a minority party.

NPR: Republican Radio

NPR with the exception of 1 show, has muzzled the peace movement. In Ohio, one NPR station, allegedly a college one, WKSU of Kent State, has gobbled up 1/4 of the land
mass of Ohio. It controls at least 4 other college radio stations as it muzzles the peace movement and promotes Republican candidates.>

Nathan Sproul hired from McCain, Romney and Karl Rove to commit vote fraud

10 dirty election tricks

CIA murdering populist leaders

Picture illustrates the way Ohio and other Republicans keep control through gerrymandering.

Picture illustrates the way Ohio and other Republicans keep control through gerrymandering.

Retired NSA Analyst Proves GOP Stealing Elections

5 ways Republicans make it harder to vote

NC voting machines flip votes to Republicans

Romney’s Plan To Rig The Electoral College,204,203,200
What Happened In Ohio: A Documentary Account (how Ohio Republicans in myriad ways stole the national election from Democrats and John kerry

*22 How Republican Party stole nomination from Ron Paul

Georgia: Republican dirty campaigning In Georgia, triple amputee, Administrator of Veterans’ Affairs and Senator Max Cleland was unfairly and savagely attacked by Chambliss who would later cosponsor the unconstitutional AETA bill

South Dakota: suppression of Native American vote by Senator Thune

How Jeb Bush role in 2000 election in Florida led to a new wave of voter disenfranchisement

Alabama to stop issuing driver’s licenses in counties with 75% black registered voters

Republicans in Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Virginia have plotted to remove popular vote totals in electoral college.

5 links on the conspiracy by G W Bush and Ohio Republicans to steal the election from Kerry in 2004

Congressional report

Robert F Kennedy Jr writing in Rolling Stone–was-the-2004-election-stolen

Suppression of the black vote (an endless subject)

1. Suppression of the black vote throughout the south,

2 police in Florida in 2000 barring precincts

3. Jacksonville Times Union publishing a special black edition, giving false voting instructions

4. harsh voter ID requirements

5. elimination of precincts and Dept of Motor Vehicles in black neighborhoods in Alabama

6. police at checkpoints at Watts precincts in Los angeles in the 1968 Democratic primary., with

Ohio Republican Secretary of State John Husted is removing 2 million people from the voting rolls as Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris did in Florida, stealing the election from Al Gore.

Husted stole Ohio’s legalization of marijuana vote with the help of old Diebold voting
machines. Diebold, Ohio based, sold the hackable machines but they remain in many Ohio precincts.

Ohio Republican Secretary of State John Husted is removing 2 million people from the voting rolls
as Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris did in Florida, stealing the election from Al Gore.

Husted manipulated the legalization of marijuana vote with the help of old Diebold voting
machines. Diebold sold the hackable machines but they remain in many Ohio precincts.

In 2008 Elron Electronics, an Israeli defense firm, tallied the Iowa precinct total.

Microsoft suspected of vote fraud

Romney family investment in Ohio voting machines