Why ALL Republicans Should Be Fired

Here’s just a few reasons why ALL republicans should be FIRED

  • Stealing the 2000 Election.  details
  • Rigging Elections by Gerrymandering Districts. details
  • Passed a bill which gives HUGH tax cuts to the RICH while increasing taxes on the middle class and poor. details
  • Refuses to eliminate the UN-Democratic Electoral College which installed Trump as President, who received 3 million LESS votes than his Democratic opponent in the 2016 election. details
  • War Against Women’s Rights by passing laws to close Planned Parenthood Clinics, Passing Anti-Abortion and Invasive Ultrasound Laws.  details
  • Passing Voter Suppression Laws & Efforts to Rig Elections by purging voters,  and decreasing the days and hours people can vote. details
  • Voting to cut $39 Billion from food stamps while voting to increase well-fair for the wealthy. details
  • Cutting off over 1 million people from unemployment assistance.  details
  • Passing Anti-Union Laws.  details
  • Voting to cut Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security
  • Republican Congressional Obstruction & Filibustering.  details
  • Republican Congressmen Refusal to Compromise and Negotiate. details
  • House Republicans conspiring to obstruct everything President Obama Proposed on the day he was inaugurated in 2009. details
  • Republican’s War on Crime and War on Drugs has put more Americans in Prison than in any other country, including China or Russia.  This policy has been unsuccessful and wastes money and lives.
  • Subverting Democracy by Installing Emergency Managers in Michigan. details
  • De-funding Education and Closing Schools.  details
  • Causing Financial Hardship to Post Offices and Efforts to Close Post Offices. details
  • GOP’s denial of Global Climate Change and Failure to Protect the Environment. details
  • Shutting Down the US Government to De-fund the Affordable Care Act. details
  • Republicans Blocking Campaign Finance Reform details
  • Republicans Denial of Global Warming & Climate Change. details
  • Republicans Passing Anti-Union Laws  details
  • Republicans Responsible for Reckless Spending details
  • Republicans in Arizona tried to pass a law Legalizing Discrimination details
  • Republicans Blocking Gun Control details
  • Republicans are Bought and Paid for by the RICH and are for giving Tax Breaks to the $RICH$ details
  • Our National Debt could be reduced significantly IF taxes were increase on the Rich, but Republicans REFUSE to make the Rich pay their fair share.


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