Benghazi Investigations Politically Motivated

Republican Kevin McCarthy admitted what Democrats knew all along… that the House Benghazi Investigations was all about taking down Hillary Clinton

The Republican Benghazi Investigations were the longest running investigations in the history of the United States and cost taxpayers over $4 Million Dollars.


Republicans SHAMELESSLY exploited the deaths of 4 Americans for their own political gain. The numerous Benghazi investigations by Republicans which cost taxpayers millions was motivated by Politics, Hate for President Obama and to “Get” Hillary Clinton.


60 Americans died when George W. Bush was President. There were no endless investigations by Republicans into those deaths… proving the endless Benghazi investigations were politically motivated. It’s incredible that Democrats didn’t call Lindsey Graham out and use this as an example of Republican’s Hypocrisy.


The above video exposes how GRAHAM BLOCKED EVERY SINGLE Judicial nominee of Obama’s. Amazing that NO ONE has called him out on this and his Hypocrisy.

Lindsey Graham’s obstruction of President Obama’s nominees is why Harry Reid had no choice but to invoke the “nuclear option” to stop Graham’s and Republicans filibustering Judicial nominee’s of Obama’s.


Politicization of Benghazi continues


Benghazi Hoax Debunked

It is clear that Lindsey Graham and other Republicans constant comments about President Obama being responsible for Benghazi was motivated by partisan hate for President Obama and to “Get” Hillary Clinton.


Unlike Republicans like Nixon, Reagan and George W. Bush who were plagued with scandals, President Obama ran a scandal free administration. Republicans were furious about that and tried to pin everything and anything they could find to defame President Obama.


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