Antonin Scalia Subverted Democracy


Jeb Bush & Kathleen Harris rigged the 2000 election for George W. Bush by illegally purging thousands of black voters off the voter rolls giving George W. Bush a lead of 537 votes.

Antonin Scalia subverted democracy & engaged in partisan politics by stopping the 2000 election vote count.

This caused George W. Bush to be installed as President. At the time the votes were stopped by the Supreme Court, there were only 154 votes separating Al Gore from George W. Bush.

If Gore had been president, we would have had a Liberal Supreme Court because Bush appointed 2 justices.

It was therefore Jeb Bush’s illegal voter purge and Scalia who subverted Democracy by not allowing the votes to be counted that caused the installation of George W. Bush and the US to have a conservative majority in the Supreme Court.

The US Commission on Civil Rights determined that Jeb Bush and others in his administration violated voter’s rights and recommended that he be prosecuted as detailed in this report;

On top of that, Republicans have gerrymandered districts all over the United States using “Project Red Map”, which is essentially election rigging, so they can’t be removed from office.

Amazing how you constantly hear Republican say President Obama is “lawless” when it’s Republicans who are lawless, and their lawlessness is why they enjoy a majority in the Supreme Court and to some extent, Congress.

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