Republicans Want to Cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid

Republicans in Congress are promising to hold the debt ceiling hostage to force benefit cuts in Medicare, Medicaid, and even Social Security. If they can’t get these cuts by threatening the solvency of our nation, their next opportunity will come as Congress attempts to craft a deficit reduction plan to avoid the $110 billion in automatic cuts delayed in the fiscal cliff legislation. Once again, many legislators have made it clear they expect seniors, retirees, the disabled, and the poor to pay down our deficit. They will demand drastic changes such as raising the retirement age, means testing, or changing the cost of living allowance (COLA) formula to cut benefits to millions of middle class and poor beneficiaries in Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security who are still struggling in this economy.

Democrats in Congress succeeded in keeping these devastating benefit cuts out of the short-term “fiscal cliff” deal. Unfortunately, important leverage was also lost. Washington’s well-financed anti-entitlement lobby continues to pretend that “shared sacrifice” means that if a millionaire loses a tax break (which he or she doesn’t need and America can’t afford) then the middle-class and poor must also pay more for or risk losing their health care benefits in Medicare and Medicaid. [Source:]