Republicans Rig 2012 Convention & Ignore Their Delegates

This shocking video shows how the Republican establishment didn’t listen to members of their own party at the 2012 Republican Convention and didn’t allow them to vote on an important rule change. The rule change was already decided by the Republican establishment and written into a teleprompter script read by Speaker of the House, John Boehner.

More proof of how Republicans have no regard for Democracy or the will of the American people.  To them, the end justifies the means as it did when they rigged the 2000 election and 2004 election for George W Bush


Real Republican primary taking place outside of elections
Already ongoing battle within the Republican Party to shore up delegates with candidate loyalties that will come into play if there is no clear winner by the national convention.


Tricks and triangulation not new to GOP delegate process

Rachel Maddow looks back at how Ron Paul’s 2012 campaign took advantage of the Republican delegate process to boost Paul’s representation at some state conventions, causing considerable strife and a showdown with establishment Mitt Romney supporters at the national


Trump fails to cover back door rival delegate maneuvering
Doug Wead, former senior adviser to the Ron Paul campaign, talks with Rachel Maddow about how Ron Paul supporters exploited the Republican Party’s delegate rules to increase his representation at the national convention, and why Donald Trump is vulnerable to a similar tactic.


Ron Paul Exposes Corruption of Republican Party 2016

2012 Delegates Aboard GOP’s “Wayward Bus” Speak Out About Their Undue Delay at the RNC – Click here to read…