Obama the Founder of ISIS Claim by Trump


Trump claiming that President Obama is the founder of ISIS is perhaps THE most false and stupid claim ever made by anyone seeking public office.

This is another example of what a complete idiot Donald Trump is and how he’s unfit for ANY position in public office.

The fact is, if George W. Bush hadn’t invaded Iraq and destabilized the region there would have been NO ISIS.

Therefore George W. Bush is responsible for creating ISIS, not Obama or Hillary Clinton.

This is a common sense fact which the News Media and Democrats has neglected to point out.

As stated in this article “Former U.S. Military Official Says George W. Bush Created ISIS“, The Iraq war was “a huge error,” he said, adding that the fall of Saddam Hussein presented an opportunity for groups like ISIS to grow.

“As brutal as Saddam Hussein was, it was a mistake to just eliminate him”.

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It’s clear that Trump hates President Obama and has been making ridiculous claims about Obama for years including his idiotic “birther” nonsense questioning President Obama’s birth certificate.