Mary Thomas for Congress Anti-Transgender Ad

Mary Thomas for Congress Anti-Transgender Ad falsely claims President Obama wants to force public schools to allow “boys” to use girls bathrooms.


The above videos shows what REAL transgender “boys” look like.

Imagine forcing children like the ones in these videos who look, feel and identify as being girls into using a boys bathroom.  That’s what heartless Republicans like Mary Thomas would do if she and like minded Republicans get their way.  It would be cruel and inhumane.

Thank God President Obama and Democrats are standing up for transgender children.

Hard to believe Mary Thomas hasn’t seen videos like these and doesn’t know what a REAL transgender person looks like.

Nature is not perfect and mistakes of all type can happen when a human body is being formed in the womb. Some people are born blind… some are born with no hands, arms or legs.

Being transgender is being born in a body which does not correspond with one’s gender identity.

Mary Thomas’s ad is deceptive by omission of the facts regarding transgenderism and plays to her base who hates president Obama and to those who have no understanding or consideration for those who are born transgender.

Science & fact denying Politicians who distort the truth for their own political gain should not hold ANY position in Government.

Since Mary Thomas is a public person running for a seat in the US House of Representatives, you have a right to tell her what you think about her ad. Here’s her publicly listed contact info;


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